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Hello, I'm Renee. Welcome to my website! A Milwaukee native, my home is now in DeForest, Wis., with my husband and two rambunctious boys. 

I started photography soon after my first son was born and well... I really haven't put the camera down since. For me, photography has been a wonderful way to express myself and showcase the world around me.

My favorite photographs can be described in one word--unforgettable. I love photos that evoke emotion, tell a story and leave a lasting impression. It is my goal to help my clients tell their story.


I must say, meeting incredible people has been the most rewarding part of my journey in photography. Some of their stories have brought a smile to my face and a few of them also have brought tears to my eyes. It's those emotions that I strive to capture. 

Want to know more about me? Here are 5 random facts in no particular order:

* I love Mexican food, especially when served with a margarita.

* I bungee jumped in New Zealand and yes, I would do it again.

* I've seen U2 in concert 5 times.

* In my life before children, I received a BA in journalism and worked primarily as a magazine editor.

* I think cottage cheese is disgusting.

Every picture tells a story. I want your story to be beautiful.


Renee Shroades Photography, LLC

DeForest, Wis.


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